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Interview With Libertarian Party Chair

From an interview with the Libertarian Party National Chair, explaining libertarian beliefs on the current subjects. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the party may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian position on the topic for all adherents.

Super Casino Gambling - Online and Offline

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By Morgan Collins   

Land-based casinos and online casino revenues and site releases are growing faster then ever. Even after the dust has settled following the recent American law prohibiting deposits to online gambling companies, large organisations such as Party Gaming, Ladbrokes and VIP Casino club are all increasing their efforts to attract a wider European or global audience.

Gambling itself is a compulsive and addictive activity, with numerous regulatory societies attempting to outlaw and even ban online gambling around the globe. Regulatory environments themselves differ from country to country. While the US has sought keenly to identify ways of banning online gambling, the UK has lead the way to ensuring that online gambling remains a choice for many, but does not become a threat to others.

Its recent release of a new Gambling Act has sought to protect children and problem areas from abusive gambling, while attempting to levy a tax duty on all income from gambling both offline and online. The Act will make it illegal to entice children to gamble and there will be compulsory age checks for online gambling websites.

Its new Gambling Act will provision for the construction of Super Casinos in selected areas across the country, though this has been scaled down from an initial 40 super casinos to around 8, following complaints from the public and opposition parties. The Gambling Act will allow casinos to operate 24 hours, with unlimited jackpots, and gambling will be allowed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. As far as online websites are concerned, when the Act comes into force at the end of September 2007, companies will be able to apply for a license to operate online gambling website from a UK base.

Countries differ in terms of how they levy a tax on gambling. For example, some will tax each bet individually while countries like the UK, tax only the gross profits that gambling organisations make. Territories like Malta and Gibraltar offer competitive tax regimes as well as the benefits of an off-shore financial centre.

Australia has a large gambling population, where statistic show that 80% of its population gambles. Super casinos are also allowed in Australia, with Sydney's Star City reputedly the size of 7 football fields. A recent study also showed that Australians spend more money each week on gambling than they do on alcohol or clothes. State government proceeds from gambling have increased to around $3.8bn per annum, since 1998.

What of other jurisdictions across the globe?

Below is a list of some countries and some interesting figures relating to gambling.


80% of population gamble

Legal age to gamble is 18

$80 billion gambling turnover in 2006

States received $3.8 billion in gambling duties 2006

Online gambling is permitted


95% of population gamble

Legal age to gamble is 18

58 billion Swedish Crowns turnover in 2006

Government received 5 billion Crowns in tax in 2006

Online gambling is permitted


70% of population gamble

Legal age is 18

EUR30 billion gambling turnover

Receives EUR1 billion in gambling taxes

Recently allowed online gambling licenses


60% of population gamble

Legal age is 18

$6 billion in gambling takings 2006

$1 billion state revenues from gambling

Online gambling is permitted


70% of population gamble

Legal age to gamble is 18 (though lotteries and pools and low stake machine permit 16)

£53 billion gambling expenditure in 2006

UK received £1.3 billion in gambling duties in 2006

Online gambling permitted


80% of population gamble

Legal age 18 (most casinos age 21 as this is legal alcohol age associated with casinos)

$82 billion gambling expenditure 2006

States received over $8 billion in gambling revenues 2006

Online gambling prohibited

Written by Morgan Collins for VIP Casino Club Casino Games [], a UK online casino site. Article must be reproduced in full with author's name and links retained.

Hemp Genix Launches Sprayable Sleep Product

Popular interest is increasing over products like sprayble melatonin, and where to buy sprayable sleep products in the market:  

Hemp Genix is excited to announce the launch of Sleep Support Oral Spray with CBD. Oral absorption is up to 90% effective, allowing your body to utilize the necessary ingredients.

Miami, United States – November 16, 2016 /PressCable/ —

This product also contains Melatonin and Valerian Root. Valerian Root, in European Medicines Agency, has been approved the claim that it can been used as a traditional herbal medicinal product to relieve mild symptoms. Melatonin has been used as a dietary supplement in the USA for years. Melatonin is involved in the entertainment (synchronization) of the circadian rhythms of physiological functions including sleep timing, blood pressure regulation, seasonal reproduction, and many others. Both have been deemed as safe and effective.

KEY BENEFITS WORKS QUICKLY: Nutrients are absorbed orally almost instantly.

PROMOTES: Promotes good sleep habits and helps fight insomnia.

PROVIDES: healthy ingredients such as CBD, Melatonin, and Valerian Root.

Hemp Genix believes Sleep Support Oral Spray with CBD will be a market leader in both high quality and concentration levels. This product is unique to the market as it allows the consumer to choose the desired level based on the effect one is seeking. This specific CBD spray alongside traditional ingredients provides a perfect match of both value and quality. The product is set to launch specifically as an individual product or as an addition to daily regimen set in an innovative full hemp oil product cosmetic and supplement line.

In this launch, a phenomenal system of holistic care is formulated for men and women and has emerged and will lead the current market in CBD oil based supplements and cosmetics. This bottle comes in an 8ml spray form. Perfect to fit in your purse or travel with.

Hemp Oil and Ingredient Facts

Hemp Oil is saturated with good fatty acids, protein, Omega 3 & 6 and fiber. Many are shocked to find that it is a great source of tocopherols which is Vitamin E. This blend is rich in antioxidants as well. Benefits for Energy Hemp oil contains fatty acids and those are great for the skin. They nourish and when used in the correct amounts and in combination with other elements such as herbal compounds there is virtually no adverse side effects. It is long held that hemp oil will restore a youthful appearance and hydrate the skin. When used regularly and in combination with similar it can provide great anti-aging benefits. Hemp oil can help in the prevention of eczema, acne and dry skin. CBD oil is believed by the community to have analgesic properties as well as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Valerian Root and Melatonin are known for their sleep support.

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 Organization: Hemp Genix
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Firm Helps Users Install and Renew Norton, McAfee

Users desiring more PC security will benefit from the additional support for Norton and online PC help due to Symantec's new acquisitions, according to its recent releases. Companies providing online PC support to for users to renew Norton, install McAfee antivirus support or even to download McAfee antivirus will also become more valuable as a result of these developments:

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Compounding Pharmacy Explained

by George Boxerton

Right before drug production on a mass scale went on in the 1950's, all of the pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies are simply pharmacies which create drugs on a customized basis. The formula of the prepared remedies is specific to any patient's medicinal and wellness requirements. Think of it as personalized service.

Certain consumers have medical and non-medical necessities that call for them to make specific demands of a compounding pharmacist. A medicinal requirement might be a handicap or surgical procedure that renders swallowing unpleasant or hardly possible; and a non-medical need might be a flat out displeasure for the flavor and consistency of medicines or capsules.

Let us analyze other particular demands that sufferers may possibly possess:

1. Allergy to specific treatments or substances thus needing the elimination of said irritants or ingredients.

2. Choice or tolerance for liquid medicines instead of pills or caps.

3. Desire or tolerance for chewable tabs instead of swallowing whole or partial ones.

4. Including tastes to medicines to make consuming them much more bearable.

5. Blend of precise dosage of certain drugs.

6. Choice for pure sweeteners unlike manufactured ones.

7. Mixture of transdermal skin gels instead of tablets or liquid medicines.

8. Development of specific treatments that are not in extensive supply.

9. Development of a powder structure of particular remedies for certain use.

10. A compounding pharmacy takes the unique necessities of each and every person into consideration to make certain that the medicines prepared are in the correct form and consuming them will definitely be a harmless and enjoyable experience.

So, next time you're considering where you should be getting your medication, think about discussing the use of a compounding pharmacy with your doctor or physician. With the use of medications that are specially created for you and your ailments, you stand a greater chance of recovering an improved rate.

Don't be sucked into thinking that all medicine needs to be mass-produced in order to be cost-effective. It's simply not true. Do your part. Talk to you doctor today to make sure he or she is aware of the benefits of using a compounding pharmacy.

The other thing you can do is simply find a compounding pharmacist in your area and visit. Most pharmacists will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to using their services instead of purchasing the widely manufactured drugs.

Good luck.

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Colored Contact Lens Care: Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Lenses

by Carina Coronel

Colored contacts are among the most useful and popular accessories these days and thorough contact lens care is essential to keeping your eyes happy and healthy, not to mention your contact lenses will last longer! Individuals who suffer from vision problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness may opt for wearing corrective lenses rather than eyeglasses for easier and more convenient wear. In the same manner, people who don't have eye problems but would want to change the color of their natural peepers for cosmetic purposes, could take advantage of various types of colored contacts. Lenses can provide both cosmetic and medical functions, however, just like eyeglasses, contact lenses should be properly cared for to keep them safe for use and to lengthen their life. Contact lens care isn't difficult but must be done regularly.

5 Easy Steps to Contact Lens Care

1. The most important thing to keep in mind is to always clean and disinfect the lenses using the prescribed solution, usually an all-purpose solution works great. Contact lenses should be placed in a storage case when not in use. Be sure to clean your lenses thoroughly after you take them out and before you put them in.

2. Washing your hands before putting in or touching your lenses is an essential and basic part of contact lens care and instruction, but can sometimes be overlooked. Not only do you want to make sure you aren't transferring germs from your hands to your eyes, you also want to be sure there is no dust, fuzz or oils on your hands before handling your lenses. If you make it a habit to wash your hands with a non-lotion soap and dry with a lint-free towel you should be in the clear!

3. Since the eyes are very sensitive to pollutants, lenses must be kept clean all the time. Pollutants can build up on your lenses causing irritation that can easily be avoided by regular cleaning. You should also change the storage solution for fresh lens solution every time you put your lenses away.

4. Lenses are not meant to be shared with others, ever. Lenses are medical devices, even if they are plano and have no prescriptive power, and medical devices should never be shared. Even if your eyes are completely healthy it is not safe to share an object that touches your eyeball.

5. Contact lenses can usually be worn for a maximum of 8 hours, unless your prescription says otherwise. If you have never worn contacts before you should follow this contact lens schedule for first time lens wearers. Colored contacts can feel a little strange, sometimes even uncomfortable at first for those with really sensitive eyes, but if you allow your eyes time to adjust you will soon forget they are there!

6. Finally, it is always healthy and advisable to see an optometrist or an optician to check on eyes and lenses on a regular basis. Eye doctors only prescribe FDA-approved contact lenses for a safe and healthy eye care experience.

Take your contact lens care seriously and your eyes will thank you!

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